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Cancellation Policy

Note: For certain special trips, the cancellation policy can have some modifications. Please check while booking

The booking of the trip is subject to certain terms and conditions. Learn More

Changed your mind?

  • After making payment for any trip, in the event that you change your mind within 48 hours, you will get the full refund except for Rs. 1000 towards administrative charges. This is provided that at the time when you intimate us of cancellation, there are at least 10 days before departure for domestic and 30 days before departure for international trip
  • Refunds given under this scheme, are subject to the 'Additional Points' as stated below

The cancellation schedule is detailed below:

  • Cancellation after confirmation with payment anytime before 30 days of the commencement of tour: 15% of the value of the undiscounted tour cost or Rs7000, which ever is less.
  • Cancelling the tour 30 to 20 days before commencement of the tour:25% of the value of undiscounted tour cost
  • Cancelling 19-10 days before commencing of the tour: 50% of the undiscounted tour cost
  • Cancelling 9-7 days before commencement of the tour: 75% of the undiscounted tour cost.
  • Cancelling before 6 days or less before the tour date: No refund for the tour.

Additional Points:

  • For any flight tickets booked additionally with the trip being cancelled, the cancellation policy of the airline will apply.
  • Amounts paid towards extras like activities or room nights are only returned on a ‘best effort’ basis. WOW Club is not liable for these amounts
  • Amount paid towards handling charges while paying through the payment gateway (typically about 2.25%), is not returned while making any refunds.
  • If for any unforeseen reason, the trip gets cancelled by WOW Club, complete refund would be made after minimum deductions based on monies spent.
  • Refunds (when due) are paid directly into a bank account by WOW Club and take 30 days to process