Behold - Wanderlust Perks!

Behold - Wanderlust Perks!

Sumitra Senapaty

We've spent 2018 building a new website and a completely new way to reward our frequent travellers. We're very proud of the changes, and can't wait to tell you all about it! Behold - Wanderlust Perks!

So here are all the ways to get a discount on a WOW trip - and the best part? Most of these discounts stack up.

If you are quick to make a travel decision and act on it, you'll be rewarded with some great discounts

The Super Early Bird Discount

Act fast! Be among the first few to book a trip and get a faboulous discount up to Rs. 8,000   (varies with each destination)

The Early Bird Discount

Missed the Super Early Bird? Don't worry, there's more! The next few bookings get discount up to Rs. 5,000 (varies with each destination)

Quick Silver

We're just giving this one away, guys! Pay for your entire trip package in one single payment and get up to Rs. 4,000 off in addition to the early bird offers! (varies with each destination)

Pink Edge Points

We've had this for a while but wanted to bring it to your notice in case it's been missed. As a WOW Wanderer, after every trip you take with us, a certain number of points get added to your WOW account. Once you've accumulated a minimum of 6 points, you can redeem points on your subsequent trips. This allows you to get up to Rs. 2,000 more off!

All things considered, if you are quick to make a travel decision and act on it, you'll be rewarded with some great discounts, making the experience of your vacation all the more sweeter!

No Hidden Charges

And one more thing that we're very proud of - Our trip packages are also inclusive of GST and visa fees. We don't like hidden charges either!

Oh and there are no additional charges applicable on payments made with your credit/ debit card! Enjoy the new year :)