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Taste some wine in Mendoza, Argentina

Taste some wine in Mendoza, Argentina


Vineyards-in-Mendoza-Argentina.-Photo-courtesy-Cavas-Wine-Lodge_hpgcph-1-Vineyards in Mendoza, Argentina. PC: Cavas Wine Lodge

In the last two decades, Argentina has become one of the major wine producers of the world. The wine ranges from world famous and award winning malbecs to simple Vino Patero (foot pressed wine). Many parts of Argentina like Salta, Cordoba  and San Juan produce wine, however, the star is Mendoza. It is here that you would find the wineries of big names such as Trapiche, Zuccardi and Lopez. The different altitude with distinct climates is yet another key reason for Mendoza’s interesting and extensive portfolio.

Interestingly, it is the World Malbec day on April 17 and it is this that rules Mendoza. San Juan on the other hand is famous for its syrah (aka Shiraz) and Cafayate for its torrents – a crisp and dry white wine.