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Experience braided rivers first hand

Experience braided rivers first hand


Rivers are quite a sight when it comes to enjoying landscapes. Their presence makes for great landscape photographs and I would in fact go on to say that they bring a sense of freedom and peace. We see them flowing slowly or fiercely, forming huge rapids or just a smooth transition. Now, imagine watching rivers that form beautiful patterns that are almost trippy and relaxing. Braided rivers are an occurrence across the world and one of the most beautiful looking braided rivers is in Iceland.

Otomys-Tom-Hutton-Iceland-Braided-Rivers-1_ry5a2p-1-The pattern formed by the river in Iceland, PC: Tom Hutton

While most rivers flow in one broad channel, some rivers split and join each other in intervals. This leads to their braided and beautiful appearance. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to dip your feet where water forms pretty waves? Imagine the feel of coarse sand under your feet and the feel of cold water – quite pleasant isn’t it?

Since the braided rivers are usually wide but shallow, they are a great relaxing addition to your holiday. Not just Iceland, there are braided rivers in New Zealand, which also happens to be the largest example of a braided river in the country. Closer to home, we have the Brahmaputra, which originates in Tibet as well.

Yet another fascinating thing about braided rivers is that they make for an amazing aerial photograph, mostly similar to that of an abstract art. So, if you can afford a chopper , then don’t miss to see this for yourself either!

Aerial photograph of a braided river

If experiencing natural wonders is what you want to do as a traveller, this is a much needed addition to your bucket list, which is sure to leave you with an unforgettable experience!