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Sumitra Senapaty


About the wow club

Hello, this is Sumitra Senapaty, "Travel is a change that goes on through life. Which is why I inspire Wanderers to go further than the must-see-must-do and absorb a travel culture that is unique. Women, be Bold. Wander the Universe."

About the WOW Club

Sumitra Senapaty is a women's travel expert and the Founder of WOW Club, Women On Wanderlust, a community that inspires all women travel to over 50 destinations the world over. Much of her earlier travels, as a writer were on her own to New Zealand and different areas of Africa, Asia and Europe. Recently, she lead a team of women to the White Continent, Antarctica recently and was clearly smitten, so there are plans to revisit again.

During her journeys, Sumitra realized that not all women have the confidence and the knowledge to travel by themselves. In the Summer of 2005, she decided to put her energy and passion together to start a Club that would encourage women to travel solo, along with the security that group travel provides. WOW Club takes pride in watching friendships that are formed within the community and being a part of of it, no matter where in the world it is.

Here are a few WOW experiences:

  • A hands-on snorkeling class in the Maldives.
  • Enjoying the Sufi Festival in Jodhpur.
  • A meal with a family in Vietnam.
  • Wine tasting in Bordeaux, France.
  • Camping under the stars in Ladakh.
  • A hike to the Tiger's Nest, Bhutan.
  • Dancing the Tango in Argentina.

With personal knowledge and contacts throughout the world, Women On Wanderlust Founder, Sumitra Senapaty has personally taken care that WOW trips are high qwality, curated, niche experiences. The WOW trips are known for being offbeat, unusual and of course memorable. Plus its a great way to catch up with old friends and make new ones! A WOW trip means fun, energy, rejuvenation and me time. Its something every woman MUST do.

Our Story

  • June 2005


    We board the crack-of-dawn flight to Leh, Ladakh. Land up in the midst of mountains and valleys. Unanimously declare that we are the Women On Wanderlust - Yes! the start of the WOW Club and the rest as they say is history!

  • February 2006


    Egypt is our first ever destination overseas! A childhood dream come true! Pyramids, Sphinx and Nile - they are truly spectacular! Yes, we are in the midst of one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, which is still standing. We do 8 trips a year to the Land of the Pharaohs today!

  • March 2007


    Bhutan, the Happy Kingdom, Like any good bucket list obsession, our fascination with this Himalayan Kingdom, begins with the epic climb to the Tiger's Nest, a monastery complex hugging the cliffs of Paro Valley.

  • April 2009


    - Wasabi ice cream, Sake and Sakura! We also learn the art of wearing a kimono! Managing 6 to 10 pieces of clothing is complicated, but as you can see we mastered the art!

  • June 2011

    Wanderers get the travel bug

    WOW completes a century of trips! In a span of a few years, the Wanderers have traveled to Ladakh, Bhutan, Greece, China, East Europe, Turkey, Kerala, Rajasthan, South Africa, Australia and other exciting destinations. Wine tasting, heritage walks, operas, safaris, treks, snorkeling, camping, jazz concerts, history and rafting and nature - You name it and we have done it! To celebrate the 100 score, we celebrate with a chilled out relay party in Delhi/Mumbai/Bangalore! How cool is that!

  • May 2012


    Our very first cruise - We board a 80,000 tonne luxury liner to cruise the Greek isles. What a party! We dress up in our saris for the Captain's Dinner and the whole ship comes across to see the ladies in pink! We are now a close knit community of like minded women who are passionate about travel.

  • August 2013

    Wanderers get the travel bug

    Wanderers love the Pink Edge, our Loyalty program. We open our brand new office in Bangalore. So its party time again!

  • March 2014

    South America

    Wide Eyed in South America! We fall in love with this part of the world! We wander for 30 nights to Peru, Argentina, Brazil and end it up with the Galapagos! Not to forget the Pisco Sour on the Amazon River! We swim with the seals, penguins, fishes in Darwin's Galapagos, watch the sharks from a safe distance! On our return to India, we hear that the Wanderlust all women phenomena has made it to TIME magazine! Now that is something to write home about!

  • August 2017

    The Trans Siberian Rail Journey

    We reflect on the rhythm of the train that has been our home for the last few days. We are doing a very special period of the season, since there are only 72 frost free days a year in most of Russia and Mongolia. Wild flowers growing close to the train tracks delight us!

  • January 2018


    What an adventure it was! Steeped in the legacy of the Polar explorers, its literally the edge of the world , far removed from the ravages of mankind. No we are not ticking it off. Since we have let it into our hearts, Antarctica will undoubtedly summon us back. Look forward to our February 2020 Antarctica departure.

  • December 2018


    Wanderers celebrate New Year Eve along with the Dubai Shopping Festival. Fireworks, party, shopping... the works!