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7 Incredible Places to Visit in Egypt

7 Incredible Places to Visit in Egypt


Home to the largest desert and the longest river, Egypt is a land of stark contrast. It is a sought-after destination and home to one of the oldest civilizations on the planet. Best known for the iconic pyramids, the country also features gigantic monuments, charming beaches and cultural attractions. No wonder, this African nation captures the imagination of every tourist. If you are one of those female travellers who is fascinated with rich culture and heritage, you’ll quickly find magnificent places to visit in Egypt.


Here is a list of the top eight places to visit in this country.

7 Incredible Places to Visit in Egypt


Located to the south, Aswan is one of the most amazing places to visit in Egypt. In the ancient era, it was a garrison town and still holds immense historical significance. One of the most interesting places is Abu Simbel, it’s 230 kilometres away from Aswan. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is best known for the twin temples dating back to the 13th century. Another highlight is the Edfu Temple, the largest religious centre dedicated to Horus. Aswan sheds light on the Nubian culture and is a great place to shop for spices. The best thing about this Nile Valley destination is that the sand in this region helps in relieving body aches and skin inflammation.

Best time to visit: May – September

Must-Do in Aswan

  • Explore the Temples of Philae.
  • Soak in the charm of the Unfinished Obelisk.
  • Get lost in history at the Nubian Museum.
  • Experience the Felucca ride to the Nubian Village.
  • Climb the St.Simeon Monastery.
No trip is complete to Egypt without the Pyramids - WOW trip 2020

However, don't forget to drop by to Giza, which is located on the outskirts of Cairo. In Giza you will find one of the seven wonders of the world - The Pyramids and  one of the most instagrammable spot, Sphinx.

Get creative with you camera at the Sphinx - WOW trip 2020


Hurghada is a gorgeous resort town snuggled on the Red Sea Coast. Historically, it was a small fishing village that gained widespread popularity after the tourist influx. The beauty of this region is defined by turquoise water, sandy beaches and beautiful coral reefs. Hurghada gives tourists a taste of adventure and offers unmatched diving opportunities. The Sindbad Submarine is one of a kind, where you can get a glimpse of the colourful marine life without getting wet. Many of the resorts also offer Bedoin dinner tours where every foodie traveller can feast on sumptuous Egyptian delicacies. For a more luxurious experience, head to Sahl Hasheesh Bay.

Best Time to visit: April – June, September - November

Must-Do in Hurghada

  • Take a sunset stroll at the Hurghada Marina.
  • Enjoy a camel ride.
  • Engage in an astronomical night tour.
  • Go for a snorkeling trip.
  • Sail to the Giftun Islands.
Hurghada's water is so blue, that it will take all you blues away - WOW trip 2018


Often termed as the”Glorious City,” Luxor is home to some of the oldest Egyptian sites. It’s the site of ancient Thebes, the capital of the New Kingdom Dynasty. Luxor’s main highlight is the open-air museum, the largest in the world, which houses a huge collection of ancient structures. It is also the starting point of the Nile River Cruise that sails between Luxor and Aswan. The famed temple complex of Karnak, the epicentre of Luxor, is astonishing and exudes an aristocratic opulence. It is one of the most unusual places to visit in Egypt.

Best time to visit: March – April, October – November

Must-Do in Luxor

  • Explore the Temple of Karnak.
  • Absorb the beauty of the Luxor Temple.
  • Admire the delightful collection at Luxor Museum.
  • Witness Colossi of Memnon.
  • Enjoy the hot air balloon ride.
Start your morning with the best view in Luxor - WOW trip 2020 

Siwa Oasis

Away from the tourist circuit, Siwa Oasis is a little green paradise tucked amidst the golden sand. This urban stretch steeped in history and culture is one of the most unique places to visit in Egypt. Siwa is characterized by mineral springs, and the most popular amongst them all is Cleopatra's Bath. There are several cafes around the hot spring where you can sit back and unwind. This region also hosts an extensive Sufism culture, and attending a Sufi Dhikr Circle is the best way to immerse in their traditional prayers. For a gastronomic fiesta, head to the Abdu Restaurant and grab some mouth-watering delicacies.

Best time to visit: Mid May – July, August – October

Must-Do in Siwa

  • Witness the 13th-century Fortress of Shali.
  • Go for a day trip to Bir Wahed.
  • Take in the view at Shiatta.
  • Visit the mysterious Gebel Al-Mawta.
  • Wander around the Temple of the Oracle.


Lying in Northern Egypt, Alexandria is a port city that was founded by the legendary Alexander around 331 BCE. This city is an amalgamation of ancient glory and modernity. It’s also home to the famed lighthouse that made it to the list of the “Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.”  Although this lighthouse is in ruins and the Qaitbay Citadel stands in its place, the structure is a huge draw for tourists around the globe. The National Museum will give you an insight into the brimming history of this region. It showcases a vast collection dating back to the Pharaonic, Ptolemaic and Islamic era.  Also, the waterfront promenade of Corniche along the Mediterranean Sea is a sight to behold.

Best time to visit: March – June, September – November

Must-Do in Alexandria

  • Marvel at the sight of Kom el-Dikka.
  • Take a look at Pompey’s Pillar.
  • Experience royalty at Montazah Palace Gardens.
  • Explore the Bibliotheca, designed after the Alexandrian Library.

Sharm El-Sheikh

Sandwiched between the Red Sea and the Sinai Peninsula, the resort town of Sharm El-Sheikh is a combination of crystal clear waters, golden beaches and vibrant promenades. Sharm El-Sheikh is a prominent tourism hub and hosts some of the best diving spots in the world. The most incredible beaches are Aqaba Beach and the Old Quay Beach. But the major highlight is Naama Bay. Draped in powdery white sand and surrounded by swaying palm trees, this place gives an insight into the Sharm El Sheikh way of life. No wonder, Sharm El-Sheikh offers visitors a beach break after digging deep into the rich history of Egypt.

Best time to visit: May – October

Must-Do in Sharm El-Sheikh

  • Snorkel around Ras Um Sid Beach and Reef.
  • Go for an excursion to Saint Catherine’s Monastery.
  • Embrace tranquillity at Shark’s Bay.
  • Wander around Sham al-Maya.
  • Take in the sights at the Coloured Mountain.


The ancient city of Abydos is one of the holiest places to visit in Egypt. Around 300 miles away from the capital of Cairo, this is a city lost in time. Historically, it was a prominent centre for the Isis and the Osiris Cult. The Temple of Seti I is a notable attraction that houses impressive paintings, as well as the name’s list of all the pharaohs who ruled Egypt. The Temple of Ramesses II is also worth exploring. Opt for a full-day guided tour of the Temples of Abydos to dig deep into the authentic history of the bygone era.

WOW Pro Tip: Try to reach by 8 a.m. The temple complex is not crowded in the early hours of the morning.

Best time to visit: March - April

Must-Do in Abydos

  • Witness the Temple of Seti I.
  • Explore the seven sanctuaries dedicated to different deities.
  • Take a look at the Necropolis.
Egypt is full of Dream, Mysteries and Memories - WOW trip 2017

10 Interesting Facts About Egypt

Here are 10 facts about Egypt that will amaze you. This information about Egypt will also leave you with a desire to visit this history-filled African nation.

Information About Egypt

  • Cleopatra VII, the last active Ptolemaic Ruler of Egypt, had her family origins in Greece.
  1. There are a total of seven UNESCO listed World Heritage Sites in Egypt.
  2. Throughout Egyptian history, people worshipped over 2,000 deities.
  3. Believe it or not, the ancient Egyptians invented toothpaste.
  4. To predict the annual flooding of the Nile River, the Egyptians invented the 365-day yearly calendar.
  5. The Great Pyramids were constructed by paid labourers, and not slaves.
  6. Egypt hosts the largest Arabic population in the world.
  7. The ancient Egyptians not only mummified humans, but also animals.
  8. Egyptians started making paper from Papyrus plants, even before the Chinese.
  9. An ancient Egyptian inscription says that there are three genders in the world.‌
Whoever lets himself be led by the heart, will never lose his way - Egyptian Proverb - WOW trip 2018

Our top recommendations for Egypt

  • Apart from indulging in the delicious local meals, make sure to try the Falafel Sandwich.
  • Do not forget to shop for the exquisite camel leather bags.
  • Hurghada has a huge complex often known as Mini Vegas, and it is perfect for an evening stroll.
  • To avoid crowds, visit Philae Temple around 5:00 in the evening, and also watch the Light and Sound Show.
  • Check into the Andrea El Haram Restaurant in Cairo for a sumptuous meal.
  • Take a 3 night river cruise which will take you from Aswan to Luxor.
  • Visit a papyrus factory to see how the first paper was made from a plant.
  • Khan El Khalili market in Cairo should not be missed, there are lot of shops selling souvenirs, small but quaint cafes & shisha places with amazing music.

Our top travel tips for Egypt

  • Carry hats, sunblock and a pair of shades.
  • Dress appropriately particularly if you are visiting a religious site.
  • Negotiate well before buying souvenirs from local shops
  • Opt for an organised group tour, accompanied by a local guide.
  • Try to learn basic Arabic phrases.
  • Locals usually ask for money if you click their pictures or if they assist in clicking your pics.

Have you ever been to Egypt? We would love to know about your experiences, as well as some of your favorite places to visit in Egypt.

And a great way to see Egypt is through a Nile River Cruise. Take a look!